Seminars & Lectures

Dr. Pickering has conducted close to 1100 seminars, programs, lectures, and trainings throughout the United States and abroad (Peru, India, Mexico). Hosting a seminar or lecture is quite simple.  A minimum of 20 people is required, and seminar participants pay a $20 – $25 fee for the program and materials.  Seminars are usually on Saturday 9 am – 12 noon or Sunday, 1:30 – 4:30 pm.  Please contact Ultimate Life if you have an interest in hosting a seminar at your church.  Business, small groups, organizations, and individuals can host a seminar as well. If you are interested in a seminar, program, training, or lecture in your area, or if you have any questions, please contact Dr. Pickering at or by phone at 817.807.6869. The following seminars, programs and lectures are currently available in various formats.

Marriage & Family

Essentials Every Couple Needs for a Happy, Healthy & Successful Relationship

What does it take for a couple to have a happy, healthy and successful relationship? The seminar covers these essentials which include: understanding the four loves (eros, philia, storge, agape) and the love-respect dynamic, conflict resolution, intimacy, conflict resolution, temperament, how you interpret your spouse, communication, boundaries, edification, gender differences, needs. Each couple will take the Marital Intimacy Inventory (to indicate their level of intimacy in twelve different areas—recreation, sexual, communication, crisis, etc.) and have an opportunity to take the Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis.

Preparing for the Most Significant Relationship of Your Life

Designed for older teens and young adults, this seminar covers the same material as Essentials Every Couple Needs for a Happy, Healthy and Successful Relationship, but on an age-appropriate level.


The Four Loves

Love is the greatest human experience, but the least understood. Fortunately the Bible breaks this experience down with four words (eros, philia, storge, agape). Combining perspectives from notable writers (C.S. Lewis, Lewis Smedes, et al), biblical texts, and research, this seminar provides a comprehensive treatment on the subject with practical guidelines on how to love and become a lover of people.

The Male Lover

This seminar looks at the male experience of love, intimacy and sex.  These three areas are explored from a Biblical/Spiritual perspective, instructing men how to be adept in each area.

How to Parent Teens Without Acting Like One

This seminar helps parents in their most challenging task of parenting teens in today’s culture. They will learn how to assess teenage behavior, build faith, communicate better, establish boundaries, identify personality types, dialoguing and responding vs. reacting, principles for parenting teens, dealing with sexual struggles, parenting style, discipline, dealing with disappointments, and imparting a blessing.

Raising Emotional & Spiritually Healthy Children

This seminar provides Christian/biblical principles on effective parenting, training and equipping your child to live spiritually in an ungodly age, establishing limits, rules and boundaries, discipline, sibling relationships, identifying the personality of your child, and developing a positive relationship that will continue into adulthood.

The Greatest Challenges Men Face

This is a seminar for men only dealing with their most challenging issues: sex, anger, marriage/relationship, parenting, and work/career. This seminar focuses on the most significant aspects of each challenge and helps men to grow and excel.

How to Effectively Parent a Defiant Child

Is your child’s behavior driving you crazy? Are you struggling with a child who’s disrespectful, defiant or obnoxious? Do your kids fight constantly – even to the point of verbal or physical abuse? Are you a parent trying to cope with kids whose behavior is out of control? Now you can get your kids to listen to you again and gain control through this special course we offer utilizing  the nationally recognized program Total Transformation by James Lehman.  You will learn proven techniques with children or teenagers who are mouthy, disrespectful or resistant to authority. Through this step-by-step program, you will learn how to change your child’s behavior and take back control of your family. This straight-talk program will show you exactly what to say and do to set the limits your child needs without screaming, arguing or frustrations. You’ll learn to stop argument with your kids instantly, defuse temper tantrums, and get your kids to stop making excuses and start taking responsibility. You will also learn how to get a child with a diagnosis (ADD, ADHD, ODD, bipolar disorder) to behave. If you’re tired and have tried screaming, punishing and pleading and your child still walks all over you, let this seminar show you an easier approach.

Personal & Spiritual Growth

The Emotional Challenges of Living the Abundant Christian Life: Depression

Depression is considered the “common cold” of mental health.  We all get down and feel sad from time to time.  Our emotions are dramatically affected by life.  There are a number of different kinds of depression, and identifying the type of depression is crucial in working through it.  We were made to live life in a happy mode, but depression can rob a person of a fuller experience of life.  This seminar looks at the causes of depression, the different types of depression, and strategies to overcoming depression at its various levels.

Identifying, Understanding and Working with Personality Disorders

A personality disorder is a pervasive pattern of behaviors, thinking, and emotions that keep an individual from being effective with life.  This seminar closely analyzes the Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Histrionic Personality Disorder, Schizoid Personality Disorder, Schizotypal Personality Disorder, Paranoid Personality Disorder, Dependent Personality Disorder, and several others.  We will explore how personality is shaped to the point of becoming unhealthy and disordered, how to identify these behavioral patterns in our own life and in others, how one can emerge out of these unhealthy and resistant patterns, and how to work with people who have Personality Disorders.

Living in an Age of Rage: Understanding & Controlling the Emotion of Anger

Most people would like to fully understand and gain control of their anger. This seminar delineates the righteous vs. sinful management of anger, helps individuals discover his/her style of anger, offers biblical and spiritual perspectives on anger, and provides an effective strategy for the righteous management of your anger.

Assertiveness: How to be Firm, Stand up for Yourself, & Be a Good Steward with Your Life

Many are either passive in dealing with issues with others or explode in an inappropriate manner. Assertiveness is a learned behavior. There may be the tendency to avoid conflict, failure to communicate what one is truly feeling, suppressing or repressing anger, holding back what one really wants to say, not being firm, allowing others to control and manipulate or take advantage. This seminar will help people to be assertive as Christians in all relationships (marriage, friendships, co-workers, and even with strangers). Participants will learn how to effectively manage conflict, communicate feelings, and become a balanced assertive person.

How to Grow and Make Permanent Changes in Your Life to the Glory of God

This seminar is designed to help you get to God’s best for your life. Participants will learn about different personality styles and temperaments, how people become unhealthy, the use of “vows,” how to deal with procrastination and unfortunate past experiences in order to get to the truth about you life, live in the present, heal from old wounds, anticipate the future, deal with temptation and live a disciplined life. This seminar will teach you critical information on how to take on the Jesus lifestyle, deepen in friendship and relationship with God and how to “be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” (Rom. 12:2)

Transformation by Trial

We all face trials. What are the biblical principles to guide a person facing trials and what spiritual benefits emerge from the trials we face. In Christ, we are sculpt by trials but in the world people are destroyed by trials. Why is this so? A complete biblical theology on trials will be presented.

The Journey of Grief

  • Running the Last Lap of Life – Everyone will run the last “lap of life,” but how can it best be run? What are the wisest ways to run this final lap and finish the race? How did people in the Bible run their last lap? What biblical perspectives must be embraced? Some people die before they die. This lecture encourages people to live until they die.
  • How to Connect and Minister to the Dying – A lecture most appropriately for those who may be involved in ministry to the dying (pastors, hospice, lay counselors, health care workers, care givers, etc.).
  • Coping with Grief and Spiritual Growth through Grief - No one is exempt from grief. Everyone will experience the pain of loss. What are the spiritual resources to help a person cope? [Alan has work with close to 3000 hospice patients and counseled hundreds coping with grief.

Connecting with People Like Jesus (Evangelism)

How did Jesus connect with people to the point that he influenced them into the right directions and to experience redemption. Extrapolating from the life of Jesus, Alan presents approaches (from the Gospels) that can and must be replicated in the life of His disciples.

Developing a Biblical View and Effective Strategy for Work & Career

This seminar presents a biblical view on work and provides people with an understanding of career and the spiritual significance of doing one’s job every day. How can one be more effective and excited about his/her job? How can a Christian advance his career to the glory of God? How can a person grow spiritually through the experiences and challenges in the market place? All these questions will be thoroughly covered.

Biblical and Theological

Probing the Depths of Biblical Christianity (Systematic Theology)

The most significant passages and perspectives are presented in a compelling way on each of the major tenet of the Christian faith: God, Christ, Holy Spirit, angels, satan and demons, Scripture, sin, salvation, righteousness, church, and last things (death, heaven, hell, judgment, immortality, resurrection). Participants will receive a comprehensive treatment on each topic.

So, What’s the Point: How to Find Meaning in Life

Every person gets to the point in life when he/she is driven to sort through the meaning of his/her life. Utilizing the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes (and Solomon’s struggle with the meaning of life), this seminar looks at the whole point of a human being’s existence, assesses the desperate attempts people take to fill their empty lives (with materialism, hedonism, achievement, intellectualism, and false religion), and deals with the tough challenges of mortality and death, experiencing happiness in life, utilizing wisdom, and facing eternity.

How to Live an Extraordinary Life in a Challenging, Secular and Post-Modern World (Principles from Daniel 1-6)

God’s people found themselves in one of the most ruthless and pagan cultures in the ancient world—Babylon. How did they cope, survive and even thrive? How can God’s people do the same in post-modern secular America? There are discernable spiritual and practical principles from the lives of Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah for God’s people today. You can live an extraordinary life in our challenging ungodly world.

The Authentic Life (New Testament Letter of James)

There is an authentic life that can only be lived in Jesus. There are many challenges to living this authentic life—serving vs. self-centeredness, dealing with trials and temptations, being a doer of the Word not merely a hearer, accurately assessing people vs. favoritism, balancing faith and works, controlling your tongue, handling conflict, dealing with the future, enduring suffering, addressing the world’s injustices, praying effectively. James moves us to understand the authentic life and reject behavior that does not fit our identity.

Living to the Glory of God (Ephesians)

The Christian faith is astonishing. These lectures surface the incredible realities of the Christian faith (Ephesians 1-3) and the compelling challenges or imperatives in living it out (Ephesians 4-6). In view of what God has done for us and to us in Jesus and through the Holy Spirit, how must we then live? There is ultimately one way to live—we must live to the praise of His glory.

You’ve Got to Wise Up: Wisdom from Proverbs

We are perpetually challenged between what is wise vs. what is foolish. This seminar looks at wisdom—what is it, how do we acquire and grow in it, how to specifically use wisdom and avoid foolishness. Prominent themes in Proverbs such as the use of the tongue, money, anger, friendship, work, pride, sexual temptation, and the heart are examined in the ever challenging tension between foolishness and wisdom.

Jesus, The Compelling Life (Mark)

Jesus is the most compelling figure in human history! What is it about Jesus that one would cause one to declare Him to be the Son of God? What would move a person to become His disciple and commit his/her life to Him? This lecture is a depth probing look at the life of the greatest figure in all of human history.

Mormonism: Understanding the History & Teachings

Mormonism is the fastest growing cult in America with a membership of over ten million. This organization has put forth an enormous effort to promote itself as a Christian religion. While the hope is that this sect of decent moral people would emerge into orthodoxy, the fact is that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons), believe and teach so many perspectives that frankly are utter heresy. This seminar uncovers the actual origin of the Book of Mormon, compare Christian/biblical theology to Mormon teachings, present incontrovertible evidence that Joseph Smith wasn’t who he claimed to be, and examine some of Mormonism’s disturbing history.

Counseling Training

Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis

Dr. Pickering is an instructor/trainer for the Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis (T-JTA). He trains qualified individuals to utilize the T-JTA in ministry or private practice.

What is the T-JTA? The T-JTA is an instrument that measures a number of behavioral and cognitive traits along nine bi-polar categories (nervous vs. composed, depressive vs. light-hearted, active social vs. quiet, expressive-responsive vs. inhibited, sympathetic vs. indifferent, subjective vs. ovjective, dominant vs. dubmissive, hostile vs. tolerant, self-discipline vs. impulsive).  It can be utilized to compare how a couple is alike or different. The “criss-cross” component measures the perceptions one person has of another (spouse, co-worker, sibling, etc.).

The T-JTA can be utilized by:

  • Pastoral counselors, social workers, marriage and family therapists, education counselors, marriage counselors, life coaches, clinical and mental health professionals, drug and alcohol abuse counselors, human resource directors, psychologists, rehabilitation counselors, career counselors.
  • Pre-professional students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program (psychology, education, social work, theology, or a related field) can be granted a “provisional approbal” and be trained and certified.
  • Certified Christian Lay Counselors who have a qualified degree

Qualifications: You must have at least a bachelor degree (from an accredited college, university or seminary) in any one of the following fields (or related fields): ministry, religion, theology, Bible, social work, psychology, education.

Through the T-JTA you will be able to…

  • Learn much about your client’s behavioral and cognitive patterns sparing months of observation and analysis
  • Build immediate credibility with your client by giving him a thorough understanding of his behaviors and attitudes
  • Serve your client by helping her accurately understand and see herself
  • Help couple (premarital and marital) understand: the “gaps” or opposites that exist, how they are alike or different, how they interpret each other rightly or wrongly, the personality profile of their spouse
  • Advise clients as to career choices based on their temperament
  • Develop a personal growth plan based on results from the T-JTA

Training of Lay and Pastoral Counselors

Dr. Pickering trains lay-counselors through the American Association of Christian Counselors. This is a type of “coffee cup” counseling in which gifted individuals provide friendship, perspective, and wisdom for others in a low keyed and informal fashion. Church leaders are also trained to more effectively utilize their pastoral skills in helping people with issues they face.